A designer’s reflection on the CB Customers' migration from Sbanken to DNB‌‌‌‌

The ultimate goal of a designer is always to answer this question «How to create a great user experience for the user» within relevant constraints and reach the desired business goals. Simply put, A designer's job is to represent the customer aspect in this balancing act and challenge both business and tech to reach the desired result.

  • Amir Arsalan Shamsabadi
Apr. 23 20243 min. read time

The customer journey of Sbanken customers migration to DNB. Oct 2023

Following the DNB’s acquisition of Sbanken a series of significant changes and goals were set into motion. Regarding CB customers in Sbanken, the strategic decision was to migrate the corprate banking customers directly to DNB.


This migration strategy not only opened new opportunities and offered benefits to both sides but also challenged us in many aspects when it comes to the actual user experience. There were so many things set in motion that demanded comprehensive facilitation of a process by taking care of the goals, as well as all the details that would help us get there.

From the beginning, it was quite noticeable for us that customers would likely be faced with some level of confusion, numerous questions, and of course, be excited about new values that going to come with it. As a result, there was a lot to digest and plan throughout this migration to ensure we covered it all.


Sbanken CB Customers’ First Impression of DNB

When it comes to service design, the job was to plan and facilitate a seamless and successful migration from Sbanken to DNB, ensuring that customers’ journeys were defined and planned accordingly and efficiently.

The process was much more than transferring accounts or funds from A to B. It consists of a multifaceted journey, emotional elements, technological integration, and a thorough comprehension of the customer’s expectations and experiences.

Correspondingly, A holistic perspective was needed when considering the full scope of this migration journey. We tried to adopt the comprehensive view as well as cover the technical details to ensure that the migration is not merely a transactional process but an integrated transformation of the customer experience.

Onboarding Portal, a user-centric solution for customers

As part of the process, we decided to develop a digital unique migration/onboarding portal specifically for these customers to help them get on board. This portal serves as guidance, providing customers with practical information through a user-friendly experience ensuring a smooth transition from Sbanken to DNB.


An early sketch of the onboarding portal, a solution for Sbanken CB customers

Migration started

Migration finally started in the fourth quarter of 2023 and we happily saw an overall smooth transition from Sbanken Corporate customer to DNB. We believe that the onboarding portal helps our customers noticeably throughout this process and we are really happy with the result it creates.

A designers reflections

Often the objective of something sounds less complex than it is. Understanding the big picture, but still wanting to dig into the details, in my view, is essential to ensure we figure out all the things that matter to our customers.

As a designer, we have learned to see the big picture while, at the same time, figuring out all the small details that may impact our work. When it comes to collaborating with good colleagues and being empowered to do something with the insights, magic happens! As it did with the migration of corporate customers(CB) from Sbanken to DNB.

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