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Taking DevSecOps to the Next Level: Automating DevOps Tools with Python API for Developer Experience

In DevOps we blend software development, security and IT operations to shorten the development lifecycle and to provide continuous delivery with high software quality. As we seek to further enhance these processes, automating DevOps tools through APIs is a powerful strategy. The integration of automation tools plays a pivotal role both in enhancing security, operational efficiencies, and improving developer satisfaction.

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Arunkumar Soundar

Automating GitLab Using Terraform through CLI

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Arunkumar Soundar and Dilraj Madhava

A designer’s reflection on the CB Customers' migration from Sbanken to DNB‌‌‌‌

The ultimate goal of a designer is always to answer this question «How to create a great user experience for the user» within relevant constraints and reach the desired business goals. Simply put, A designer's job is to represent the customer aspect in this balancing act and challenge both business and tech to reach the desired result.

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Amir Arsalan Shamsabadi


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