Can you make blockchain, cryptotokens and NFTs tangible to a larger audience?

NewTechLab had to finish the challenge within 3 weeks.

  • Geir Berglind og Yngvar Ugland
Jan. 11 20232 min. read time
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NewTechLab was given the challenge: Can you make blockchain, cryptotokens and NFTs tangible to a larger audience? And we would like you to present it at DNB NXT in 3 weeks … no pressure.

The game

So, we did not want to give away tokens, people had to work (game) for it. The idea was, let’s make a semi-addictive game that allows users to earn tokens and allow them to buy digital artwork with them. Ownership of the digital artwork was to be represented by an NFT.

NFT, Blockchain … what?

For those new to the concepts:

  • Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger (database) that exists across networks (internet). Cryptotokens and -coins usually live here
  • Cryptotoken is a virtual currency token (or denomination) that represents a tradable asset
  • NFT or Non Fungible Token is a cryptographic token that can represent any asset, e.g. (digital) artwork, real estate or cows
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What did we end up with?

When a user plays the game and wins, funds are transferred from our vault to the users wallet, all being done on an Etherium blockchain. The user could, when having sufficient funds, enter the NFT shop and buy some artwork. When buying artwork, funds was transferred back to the wallet and a NFT was created to prove the ownership of the artwork. Simple … right?

As it was important that users playing the game would see how it played out on the blockchain, an all-including dashboard was created.

On the dashboard to the left, you can see what is left in our vault, in the middle you can see the latest NFT/artworks bought and to the right high scores (people with the most nft’s and tokens). At the bottom, we can see the latest updates on the blockchain.

This allowed users on the DNB NXT conference to actually see their transactions in real-time on the blockchain as they “earned” their coins and bought their artwork.

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